Easy Weight Loss Diet for Dummies

Easy Weight Loss Diet for Dummies

If I tell you I know an easy weight loss diet program, would you laugh at my face?

I’m guessing, most probably. It’s a mystery why people see diet as a four letter word, and associate it with things grim, bloody and morbid. I exaggerate; make that torturous, hard and impossible.

But I digress.

The reason why you don’t see weight loss as being easy in the first place is because it takes away one of your most favorite past time a.k.a. eating, replacing it with your most hated one a.k.a. exercising. Need I say more?

More or less, the reason why you’re being pessimistic in the first place is because you lack the drive and motivation to lose that extra baggage. If you lack the inspiration to get off that couch by your own will, then losing weight will most definitely seem like an insurmountable obstacle for you.

Lest you change your outlook in life and actually start wanting to shed off those pounds, losing weight will never be easy. When you get motivated or inspired, weight loss can be an easy quest, highly attainable really.

How to get motivated in the first place? Well, you can try asking yourself why you want to get rid of that roll of fats attached to your body. Health? Beauty? Challenge? Ding! Ding! Ding! Those are probably the most common answers overweight people get. Once you have your hands on your answer – your purpose, I’m pretty sure you can endure things no matter what. Just hold on tight to that motivation and you’ll actually find out that losing weight is actually easy, especially if you put your heart and mind into it.

Eat less, exercise more.

Seriously, that has got to be the juiciest gist of this ancient weight loss story. A mix of good workout program and a healthy balanced diet is the easiest weight loss diet plan. It can be a new and big change for someone who’s been a couch potato munching on potato chips for years. Get rid of all junks and processed foods from your kitchen, instead stock up on healthier foods rich in vitamins and minerals. I know the carrots and celery stalks can be like eating crayon when compared to that big mac. Stick to the program, the sooner your taste buds adapt the better for your body.

Here are some more guidelines to losing weight in an easy manner:

1. Never skip meals

The person who started the starvation fad needs to be shot in the head – twice! Why is it that a lot of people associate dieting with skipping meals or starving themselves? Don’t they realize that not only is it unhealthy, but it also doesn’t help in getting rid of unwanted calories. When you skip a meal, your metabolism rate slows down, hence your body stores what little energy is left. To put it simply, it stops burning fat. Well, since now you know, it’s best to avoid skipping meals from here on, okay?

2. Break even your meals to 5-6 portions

Breakfast, lunch and dinner – three meals. See anything wrong with this? A lot won’t but a few would point out that lunch is like ages ago from breakfast. “I’m hungry at 10:00 AM, do I hold it in and wait for lunch?” No, you don’t have to; actually, help yourself to some snacks. It’ll be good for you, so long as you watch the amount and munch on the healthy. See, that’s the problem with three meals a day, people get too hungry, and when dinner arrives, they’ll end up devouring a huge portion. By consuming large amount of calories in a single meal while your body has not time to burn fats at all, you will most likely end up becoming overweight. It is highly recommended by health nutritionist to split your meals into five or six portions, with four hours interval so as to lessen your calorie intake. This will not only help curb your hunger, but aids in keeping your blood sugar level.

3. Avoid soft drinks

What’s wrong with water? Why does it have to be a soft drink? Especially during hot days, it becomes too tempting to indulge yourself with soft drinks. Keep in mind, that once they pass through your tonsils, it’s just sugar loaded with calories heading straight to your thighs and belly. Quench your thirst with water. Not only is it calorie-less, but helps boost your metabolism as well while flushing away unwanted toxins out of your body.

4. Eat water-rich foods

As mentioned above, what better way to quench your thirst than by chugging on water? Choosing to eat water-rich food is a good move towards weight loss. Not only do they help get rid of toxins, but can also be a good solution for hunger. Some examples of water-rich foods are tomatoes and cucumbers. It’s best to add them in your daily portions as they can be of good help to your calorie intake. Other great alternatives include salads and soups.

5. Cereals for breakfast

Who doesn’t eat cereal? Or rather, who hasn’t eaten cereal? Cereal is a staple breakfast meal that most people cannot live without. Not only does it has less fat, but contains a good amount of calcium, protein and fiber. It’s practically the simplest weight loss diet type, one you can easily make yourself.